Lippu oil and Lippu ointment are the perfect solution for the problems of dry skin, and associated conditions such as Hyper melanosis, Lichen planus, Icthyosis, and Eczema. Lippu offers quick recovery by reducing itching, healing and preventing further damage to the epidermis.

Lippu helps to arrest the abnormal production of melanocytes at the outset and later restores normal melanocytic distribution. The normal complexion is regained without any extra attention or the need for cosmetic support.

Application of Lippu Oil is recommended once a day at night and Lippu Ointment is to be applied in the morning after taking a bath/shower, as a thin layer. The thin layer of Lippu Ointment acts as a sunscreen for those who are hypersensitive to solar light. It prevents the penetration of Ultraviolet rays and thereby reduces the possibility of hyper melanosis.

Long term use is advised for those who are exposed to sunlight as an occupational requirement like construction personnel, sales and marketing, long distance traveling etc.

Lippu Oil is an extract of Pongamia glabra in coconut Oil.
Lippu Ointment is oil prepared as above presented in the medium of petroleum jelly.

Lippu OIL 100 ml
Lippu Ointment 100 gms