Are you ready to say goodbye to pests but you do not want the hassle or the exposure to toxic chemicals that most commercial products have? If you do not have access to a professional pest control company, such as Conquistador Pest & Termite, then get ready to use the following herbs. They are safe, beautiful, smell great and they will work at eliminating pests in and around your house.

Herbs for Pest Control:

You can use basil to control flies and mosquitoes. Either plant some in outdoor boxes or gardens where these pests tend to accumulate. They do not like the smell at all. They will avoid it and your house as much as they can. You can buy a ready-made plant if you need immediate help. Or, you can grow some and use it for cooking.

Another herb which you can use to eliminate mosquitoes is citronella. You may already be familiar with these candles which are fragrant and effective but the actual plant will also work. Buy it at a garden store and place it where it has room to grow and get lots of sun. It also needs room to drain.

A common herb used in aromatherapy is lavender. Use the plant itself to repel mosquitoes, flies, and fleas. Fleas can be a real pest and can cause allergic reactions to your pets as well as worms and other illnesses. Plant some lavender around the house and enjoy a flea-free life! Lavender survives in most any weather condition, too.

Rosemary is another herb you will want to have around for its pleasant fragrance and for any cooking you plan to do. You can grow it in containers or in the ground. Place it wherever you want to keep mosquitoes away. They especially do not like the smell of the oil coming from the rosemary.

Most any herb including oregano or thyme will also work to keep pests away. You can get the benefits of growing your own herbs all while keeping your home free of insects.