We provide high quality Ayurvedic herbs and products that are safe, effective, and natural. Herbs used traditionally for thousands of years in the system of Ayurveda , products with a healing touch include Amrutanjan balm for colds, aches and sprains, Auromere toothpaste and many more herbs all for different uses. Medicinal herbs increase immunity. Vedic Medical Hall covers UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Ireland. Products recommended by the Ayurvedic Trade Association. AYURVEDA the most comprehensive natural healthcare system that is ecofriendly and gentle.

Vedic began trading with an aim to source and provide natural healthcare products that are safe; effective, and have been subjected to the same scrutiny as their allopathic counterparts. Simultaneously, we have been working to disseminate this knowledge and prove the case for Ayurveda through various means like: participation in consumer exhibitions, providing consultations to the public by ayurvedic practitioners; taking part in open days at teaching institutions; helped in the setting up of the Ayurvedic Trade Association (ATA); provided support in form of clinical data and plant monographs to ayurvedic and other integrated health practitioners; worked with community based alcohol and drug abuse centers to help rebuild confidence and reduce addiction for those affected.

Research and Quality

Our suppliers are companies that have dedicated years of modern, scientific research and development to transform a traditional, esoteric and previously hard to understand system into a totally safe and natural alternative. Each product represents the ultimate scientific validation of thousands of years of natural healthcare. The perfect balance of science and tradition, the formulations provide superior broad-spectrum results in a natural and gentle way, whilst minimizing the side effects. Furthermore, the products are manufactured to WHO Good Manufacturing Practice standards.

We feel the future for Ayurveda lays in more education, further research, its use in an Integrated Medicine system, and perhaps most importantly its role in preventative healthcare.

Our Products Are:

  • Manufactured to GMP
    (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards.
  • Scientifically tested, standardized extracts
  • High efficacy and potency
  • Clinically proven herbs
  • Raw materials grown in a controlled environment
  • Pure herb extracts, no fillers
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • High bio availability
  • Recommended by healthcare practitioners globally